P A W T A T O Chips

December 20, 2008

We picked these up at World Market.  The name alone is worth buying a bag. This 2 oz bag of premium all natural rawhide chips are great for Puggles and other small breeds.

Say it slow,  PAWWW-tato. img_0821

Jersey approves.

TIP!   When we need a small break  from watching Jersey, we give him one chip and he remains distracted for 20 minutes!  It’s our guess that he loves to “savor” the flavor (and they’re pretty tough to chew).

My First…

December 17, 2008

Toy Fight

Jersey: “I’ll let go when you let go!”

All Natural… On A Budget

December 15, 2008

Jersey and Chai are on a new dog food lately, and they both love it.


Science Diet® Nature’s Best® is the first and only natural pet food CLINICALLY PROVEN to provide complete, balanced nutrition.” We have always liked Science Diet® but this natural recipe is really good for them and about the same price as the original.  That’s good news with today’s economy!

Ingredients you can pronounce is always a good sign!img_0690

“What is a natural balanced pet food with added vitamins and minerals?
“Natural” means using preservatives, flavors and other ingredients which fall under the regulatory (AAFCO) definition of natural. Synthetic preservatives, synthetic stabilizers, artificial flavors, etc., would not be allowed under the natural designation. The only exceptions are the vitamin and mineral supplements that cannot be obtained naturally, and are “acceptable” additions to “natural” formulas with the proper designation.”